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"Stars make great snacks! But since the sun is a star, if I eat a star, would a world out there die…? Oh no, what if I cause a world to die because I wanted a snack?!”
"Li, Li! You're so great out there! Do you want a napkin to clean off the blood?”
A tiangou who took on a human form to blend into human society for his safety. Due to the legend behind his kind, many sought to control him as a world destroying threat. As far as he know, he's the only tiangou left in the world.

Unfortunately, the world he live in was a country where supernatural beasts were hunted down to extinction or captured for slavery. The black market was thriving with many beasts, restricted by a slavery rune, being sold and trade between criminals and humans with connection to the dark underground.

While he resist the urge to eat the sun, the constant threat and running from the hunters, along with his continued hunger pains, drained his resolve. Just when he was about to consider the idea, he was saved by Li.

So he followed after Li and end up in Cheng’s care, “officially” as Li’s apprentice. He haven’t receive the slavery rune, but unlike Li, his instincts are more manageable to control in public. In order to blend in, he took up a human name ("Yang Wang") at his idol's orders and suggestions from his teacher, Fang the huli jing.

While being with Cheng and Li exposed him to the dark underground world of human society, his blind faith in his idol was what keep him from eating the sun.
After all, if the world died, Li the great and wonderful sin-you won’t have a world to live on. Unlike tiangous, who can take to the sky.
…Once he learns how to travel in the sky without crashing.

It wasn't known what, exactly, happened if he eat the sun. Legend stated when the tiangou devour the sun, it caused the eclipse. Misinformation and lack of knowledge was what contributed to society's fear of his existence. It simply feeds into the old, ancient fear of the unknown.
Mixed opinion about Cheng. Respect him for protecting Li, dislike him for being a jerk.
Utterly admires Li and wish to watch all of his judgements whenever they went out to “work”.
Likes Fang, since she help teach him about the current human society. Looks up to her like an older sister/mother figure.


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